How much do the beds cost?
To purchase a Better Bed in full will cost $5000.  Your name or company name will be added to our Better Beds Board in the residence and an acknowledgment plaque will be added to the bed itself.

Can I just donate?

Yes.  Donations are accepted and the money will be pooled toward a Community Bed.

Do you have to pay in full?

No.  We can set-up monthly donations up to a maximum 12-month period.

What can be written on the bed plaque?

We can work with you to create the text for the bed plaque. Three lines of text is fine but anything more would diminish the font size. We advise people to be succinct in their wording.

What are some of the features that make this bed suitable for the residents?

A Better Bed means a Better Life for the residents that call Villa Leonardo Gambin home. 
Some of the features are:
  • 10.75-inch low bed height can help resident to enter and exit with stability
  • Bed Exit Alarm fatigue prevention from common alarm hazards
  • A Night Light is programmed to turn on when resident exits the bed to help reduce trips and falls
  • Built-in scale reduces need to transfer resident for weighing
  • Fully electric and have a capacity or up to 500lbs
  • Battery back-up system
  • Plastic molded high quad rails with embedded resident controls
  • Integrated Bed Exit Alarm with Zone-Settings
The bed will help to minimize resident falls and injury. The low height also makes it easier for residents to enter and exit the bed, reducing falls during transfers, and maximizing upon staff transfer assistance.  The bed also has an exit alarm to protect staff and residents from false alarms, alarm desensitization and nonrestoration of settings.

Can I designate who the bed I purchase is given to?

Our Team has compiled a number of criteria to distinguish who will be receiving the beds as they come in.  It is best to speak with and direct questions of this nature to the residence Administrator Annette Zuccaro-Vanin.

Do I get a tax receipt?

All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt.